Yoga Therapy Clinical Sessions

Yoga Therapy is an ancient complementary tradition, which adapts the tools of yoga (postures, breath work, mantra, meditation, visualization) to help individuals facing health conditions on any level (structural, physiological, mental/emotional). It is now an emerging healthcare profession in the West, providing a bridge between ancient teachings and modern healthcare.

I'm in the midst of an incredibly rigorous four-year training program. We comprehensively and intensely study anatomy, physiology, and psychology from a yogic perspective with some of the top yoga therapists in the country. Thanks to the hard work of these dedicated professionals, Western medical professionals are taking a serious look at the application of yoga therapy for a number of conditions. Read more about that here

Together we work alongside your primary caregivers (and in harmony with their treatments) to empower you to find highly personalized practices that help to:

(1) Reduce the symptoms of suffering that can be reduced
(2) Manage the symptoms that cannot be reduced.
(3) Root out causes when possible.
(4) Improve life function.
(5) Shift attitudes and perspectives in relation to life's challenges

We will schedule your appointments based on the nature of your concern, per the following schedule. Even if I'm not taking your specific condition now, please feel free to sign up and I'll make sure to contact you when I get there. 

August - December 2016: Structural conditions (eg, low back pain, shoulder strain, neck tension)
February - June 2017: Physiological (eg chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, diabetes)
August - December 2017: Mental/emotional conditions (eg anxiety, depression)

(some content above taken from and Gary Kraftsow)
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